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Atascaburras (ajo arriero)


I’m not able to find a good translation for this recipe, it’s name sound very funny in spanish  involving mules on it. It’s a typical recipe from Castilla La Mancha (region at south of Madrid), and it’s supposed to be discovered by some sheppherds trapped in snow, they had those ingredients, mix together and: voilà!


  • 300 gr potatoes
  • 300 gr cod without spines and without skin
  • Olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Nuts

Hi this is a typical recipe from Castilla la mancha, region at south of Madrid. In a pot with water boiling add the potatoes without being peeled. After 15 minutes add the cod without spines and without skin, cook together with potatoes for 10 minutes, and then reserve without throwing away the water. Once the potatoes are cooked they will be easier to peel, just cut a bit with a knive and it will be easy to remove the skin.

Add 3 garlic cloves on a mortar and grind them. Once the garlic is grinded add potatoes and cod on rounds and continue grinding. If the mix is too dense, add water used to boil potatoes and cod.  When all the potatoes and cod have been grinded add olive oil in rounds, and mix well. Add about 100 ml of olive oil. Cod normally will bring enough salt, but taste it and add more if needed.

Add some nuts and it’s ready to serve. Original recipe also includes boiled egg, but I don’t like too much it so I didn’t include. You can eat this recipe with a spoon or spreading it over toasted bread.

Atascaburras (ajo arriero)

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