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As a fan of Fringe perhaps I’m a little bit dissapointed Walter Bishop never showing the custard’s recipe he tries to cook for his son Peter in some chapters. So finally I did them following some other recipes.

Ingredients (6-8 custards):

– 1,5 l milk
– 1 stick cinnamon
– 1 lemon (just the skin)
– 6 eggs (just the egg yolks)
– 150 gr sugar
– 20 gr corn flour

Start adding 1,5 litres of milk in a big pot. Add also 75 gr of sugar (about 4 table spoon), one stick cinnamon and grate or peel the skin of one lemon. When milk starts to boil shutdown the fire.

Add 6 egg yolks in a bowl, to separe the egg yolk from the egg white crash the egg and move around the egg yolk from each half egg shield until there is no more egg white.

Add 20 gr of corn flour, 75 gr of sugar and whisk it well. Also if you like, you can also add one small spoon of vanilla extract.

Add the mix in a big pot with the fire set to minimum. Move the mix with a wooden spoon while incorporing strained milk in several times. When all milk has been added, keep moving with the wooden spoon for 20 minutes.

If the mix starts to boil, put the pot off of fire, for one minute and then put on fire again. This is to avoid enough temperature to curdle the egg.

Let stand the custards for about 2 hours, and add ground cinnamon when serving if you like.


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