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Coulant and raspberry ice cream

This is a recipe I learn on a gastronomic journey in Hotel Arts, a very simple way to make a great dessert for your guests


– 250 gr butter
– 250 gr chocolate
– 110 gr flour
– 200 gr sugar
– 10 eggs
For the ice cream
– Frozen raspberry (or strawberries, cranberries…)
– Sugar
– Milk cream

We will start adding 5 egg yolks and 5 complete eggs to a bowl. To separe the egg yolk from the egg white crash the egg and move the egg yolk from eggshell to eggshell. Add 200 gr of sugar through a colander and then 110 gr of flour also through a colander, whisking it.

Melt 250 gr of butter and 250 gr of chocolate in a microwave (or in bain-marie if you don’t have microwave) and add to the bowl, whisking it until it gets homogeneous.

With some butter paint the interior of the molds, then put a spoon of flour in one of them, take another one, put them together and show, repeat this through all the molds. With this we will avoid the coulant to get stick to the mold.

Fill the mold up to 3/4 parts of height more or less, preheat the oven to 390F (200ºC) and put the coulants for about 10 minutes.

If you don’t want to cook all the coulants you can get them at the freezer and cook another day.

While the coulant is cooking at the oven we can prepare the ice cream. On a blender (I used a Thermomix which works really nice for this) put frozen raspberry (or strawberries, cranberries … just let fly your imagination), sugar and milk cream, then blend for a while. I did wrong with the proportions as I should use about the double of fruits, but anyway it was really delicious.

As a trick, for making balls of ice cream easily, just put the spoon on hot water before, this will allow you to easily take the ice cream.

I hope you like it, see you soon!

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